Elder Care

Specialized Elder Care!

Ageing presents both opportunities and challenges, including social, psychological and physical changes. These changes are inevitable. As a result of ageing, many seniors eventually require some level of expert care and assistance with their daily living. Ageing process often restricts personal activities in their daily lives and thus maintaining independency is difficult. Our elders deserve specialized care, which will help them age gracefully. With the advent of competitive and fast growing world, professionals often find it difficult to juggle between the needs of elderly at their homes and their career. We are here to provide expert care with our trained workforce thus providing an age-friendly environment to your Elders. Phenixcare is here to enrich the lives of your elders!

Our team is well-prepared and qualified to provide the following services:
1. Medications administration & management.
2. Fall safety assessment.
3. Physical exercises to improve strength and prevent falls and other accidents.
4. Range of Motion exercises to minimize contractures.
5. Accompany a patient to doctor appointments.
6. Helping them with their medical needs like blood sugar, monitoring of the vitals etc.
7. Assisting them with household chores, meals assistance, daily walks and mobility ,if they are bed-ridden or too weak to move by themselves.