Family Care Services in Pune

Family Care Services in Pune :

Phenixcare is the leading organization in town in providing the best holistic Family Care Services in Pune which comprises of looking after your elderly, kids, ailing member of the family, pregnant lady all under one roof. This service includes that our caregiver will look after all the members of your family in your absence, they will cook healthy meals, monitor the vitals of your elderly or any ailing member, household chores, coordinating doctor visits, companionship etc.

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”

In this ever changing world, we are faced with difficult situations where it becomes difficult for you to pay attention to the needs of your loved ones.

This is when Phenixcare comes to your aid. Our basic caregivers are trained to provide a holistic Family Care Services in Pune catering to the minute details of every member of your family. Under this program, care is provided to not only the frail elders of the family but also it is focused on Mother and Baby care, Toddler care as well.
Our team develops a cost effective and a comprehensive care plan for each of your member in the family which includes everything right from household chores, monitoring your child, administering medications to your elders, providing psycho-social support and even looking after an ailing family member. Our caregivers are educated, passionate and trained at the Phenixcare academy.

Following are the services that we provide under Family care:

1. Home Health Care for frail elders and kids.

2. Personalized care for elders which takes care of their medical needs as well as do household chores for them.

3. Special care for kids like helping them to complete post-school tasks and maintain a playful, positive and a healthy environment in your absence.

4. Handle situations like doctor’s visits, hospitalization and therapies.

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