Home Care Nursing in Pune

Home Care Nursing in Pune :

Phenixcare has catered to so many patients so far wanting Home Care Nursing in Pune. Be it palliative care, wound care, post-surgical care. Our trained nurses and caregivers are compassionate and confident enough to look after you.

“Sickness is Mankind’s greatest defect”

Patient Care Services is an integral part of the Home Health Care industry and we at Phenixcare walk that extra mile to provide the best and cost effective services to the society at large. Today there are innumerable Nursing Homes in your city but most of them fail to deliver that holistic and economical services.

It has been observed that getting Nursing Services at the comfort of your home reduces the cost as opposed to that of Hospitalization by 40% and the perks of which is that you have a controlled healthy environment that is unique to your specific demands of your sickness.
Phenixcare specializes in providing an infrastructure that is specific to the Patient’s requirements irrespective of the underlying condition. This brings us to also extend our services in the field of Critical Care, Palliative Care, Post Surgical Care etc. Our in-house trained assistants are known to cater to all the above requirements and are well verse with the protocols that they are supposed to follow. Phenixcare Caregivers, Nurses and Nurse Help (GDA) are passionate about looking after your loved ones, apart from just taking care, they also provide emotional support to your patients.

Following are the services we provide under this program:

1. Explain to patients about the medication regimen as prescribed by the treating physician.

2. Follow-up calls to provide psychological support.

3. Follow up on patient status, check for treatment adherence and monitoring.

4. Interaction with the treating physician about the patient status.

5. Timely feedback on patients’ progress in order to improve physician/patient alignment and disease outcomes.

6. Attend to hygienic needs like diaper change, sponging, bathing and washing stained clothes.

7. Preparing special meals according to the diet plan as well as monitoring the medicines via injections or pills.

8. Providing inputs regarding the health of patients and tracking the patient’s as well as the caregiver’s progress with the help of our strong backend team of doctors, dieticians and nursing staff.

9. Wound Care. (Wet and Dry Dressing)

Identifying and Managing Post Surgery Complication with the collaboration of other healthcare provider.

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