Mother and Child care

“If we are to heal the planet, we must begin by healing birthing.”

Giving birth to a baby is both exciting and strenuous for the Mother. We at Phenixcare strive to make this experience as comfortable as possible just so you get to live and cherish each moment of this new stage of your life. Bringing a newborn home is one of the most cautious drives a parent ever takes in life. Newborns come into a new world of uncertainties, and you’ll feel like you have moved to another planet. Your days and nights will be upside down for quite a while, and you’ll be handling a new set of equipment. Your baby will speak in a language you have no idea about, and lots of attention and patience are required at this phase.

At times like when you badly need a respite, our trusted and compassionate Babysitters and Caregivers at Phenixcare are always happy to provide expert Mother and Baby Care while you take a much-needed break. For a new Mother, irrespective of whether it was a natural delivery or a Caesarian Section Delivery, Pre and Post Natal care is very critical to her recovery. We incorporate highly trained and emotionally intelligent caregivers to help you recover gracefully.

The services we provide under Mother and Baby Care program are:

1. Emotional as well as physical support to the mother during and after her pregnancy

2. Special care provided to the bedridden moms.

3. Supervising mother’s or child’s special dietary needs.

4. Feeding and sterilising baby bottles.

5. Changing nappies and bathing new born.

6. Bathing, massaging and exercising the newborn Baby ensuring a proper Baby Care regime.

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