■ Home Care Nursing in Pune

Phenixcare has catered to so many patients so far wanting Home Care Nursing in Pune. Be it palliative care, wound care, post-surgical care. Our trained nurses and caregivers are compassionate and confident enough to look after you.

■ Baby Child Care Services in Pune

Newborns and growing up children need special form of care and supervision. In this growing economy, the working parents find it hard and difficult to balance between work and personal life and taking care of a new born baby is a huge responsibility. Phenixcare is creating a difference in the lives of such families by giving out the best Baby Child Care Services in Pune which takes care of all your needs of your New born or Toddler, right from their bathing, Nutrition, sleeping pattern, Massaging, Playing games, keeping them emotionally and intellectually engaged.

■ Home Health Care Services in Pune

Phenixcare offers the best Home Health care services in Pune. Although Pune has many Hospitals and Nursing homes, it has seen a rise in the demand for people wanting to get treated in the comfort of their home. We provide trained Nurses and GDA certified caregivers at home based on a proper assessment by our Doctor which helps us to deploy the most appropriate manpower required for your recovery.

■ Patient Care Services in Pune

There are many disease condition that requires a long term treatment and rehabilitation even after the patient gets discharged, some of these condition may be; Cardiovascular stroke, Coma, Post-Operative care etc. Phenixcare provides our patients with the infrastructure unique to their health needs which is critical to their recovery at the comfort of their home.Our Patient Care services in Pune is easily available to everyone through our in house PHENIXCARE Application available on Google Store

■ Elder Care Services in Pune

Pune being the IT hub, people are busy with their professional lives, this leads them to not be able to spend sufficient time with their elderly ones back home. We at Phenixcare provide the best Elder Care services in Pune and provide you with the caregivers who are not just trained and technically sound but also provide that emotional andpsychological support to you elder person in your absence.Old age comes with certain about of loss of independence like physical, intellectual etc. We provide you with the manpower which gives a true companionship to your elderly person and also assistance in cases of Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinsonism etc.

■ Toddler and Child Care Services in Pune

Working professionals who have to leave their toddlers or growing kids home, have to mentally be at home as well during the working hours, in such a scenario, availing Phenixcare Toddler and Child Care services in pune can help them balance their work and family life, their toddlers and growing up kids are looked after by our trained babysitters who engage your toddler with activities, nursery rhymes along with providing them nutritious cooked meal at the right time.

■ Mother and Child Care Services in Pune

Giving birth is a strenuous experience for the Mother and the child.Phenixcare Mother and Child Care Services in Pune ensures this experience becomes as comfortable for the new mother and child. With increasing demand of C-Section delivery, most Mothers require a good Post-natal care. Phenixcare Mother and Child Care Services in Pune helps the new mothers to achieve that with the help of our expert Midwives, babysitters.

■ Family Care Services in Pune

Phenixcare is the leading organization in town in providing the best holistic Family Care Services in Pune which comprises of looking after your elderly, kids, ailing member of the family, pregnant lady all under one roof. This service includes that our caregiver will look after all the members of your family in your absence, they will cook healthy meals, monitor the vitals of your elderly or any ailing member, household chores, coordinating doctor visits, companionship etc.