“My 84 yr old father suffered a stroke recently and was in the ICU in Pune. We decided to bring him home and provide care at home (that was his wish). We looked around for qualified nursing care providers. I was particularly impressed by Phenixcare, because they sent a doctor to the ICU to check on my father before selecting the nurses. Dr Aditya Banerjee was the doctor who came to see my father in the ICU. He was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. He personally spent the time to pick the appropriate nurses to take care of my father. After we moved him home, Dr Banerjee personally came home to check out the setup and ensured that the nurses were ready to provide the right level of service. I cannot thank Dr Banerjee enough for his customer service and caring attitude toward my father. I want to send my sincere thanks to him. I’m happy to recommend Phenixcare services to any NRI who may need this kind of care for their parents.”

– Nitin Kulkarni, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

” Before going for Phenixcare, my idea of home health care was an unorganised, underdeveloped & unskilled sector. But Phenixcare has changed that perception totally.They are working on fully developed healthcare setup with lots of    expertise in the sector.”

– Ranjana Pol,Pune

“My biggest concern for home health worker was my patient & family’s safety. As we both husband & wife are working & my father who is patient is alone at home. But thanks to Phenixcare, this problem is solved. They are providing police verified caregivers with continuous monitoring of services by the coordinator. Sharda & Madhuri Caregivers, really big help to us.”

My biggest concern is taken care of, thanks to them.

– Arin Bandhopadhye,Pune

“I was really impressed with the whole idea of technology-driven healthcare startup, ready to cater the services for masses, not for classes. Sharad, Caregiver is really helpful to us.
Big thanks to you all guys!!! “

– Mehul Joshi, Kharadi

” Organization is highly professional, support system provided by the group is excellent, I am extremely happy with the way advice is given by Dr Banerjee. I am also very happy with the Caregiver that was assigned to me, he is always proactive, looks after me and willing to learn.
To sum up, I would say its a fine organization and I wish it grows from strength to strength in the years to come.
Goodluck! “

– Mr.K.Ramchandra, Pune

“The team of supervisors and managers at Phenixcare led by a Pranay is a very empathetic and professional group.They have consistently provided high-level professional services in helping find the right caregivers for my mother who needs this support.The girls are well trained, clean and tidy and try to do whatever they can to support the patient and family’s requirements.
I wish them the very best in all future endeavours.”

– Kalika Tripathi, Pune

“Phenixcare Organization is a good organization taking care of much-needed assistance of the old and all patients with today’s expenses it may not be possible for everyone to take their help but the patient can avail their assistance if required and need it. It should be encouraged and the number of units started, similarly I wanted their assistance for a patient in Bombay, but they did not home their branch in Bombay.”

– Mr.Fakruddin Shaikh,Pune

“My wife Smt. S Tikalkar is on bed since 7.5 years. Since more than a year, Phenixcare is sending caretaker girls one at night and one in the day time. Service rendered by these girls is quite satisfactory. Some of them keep the patient happy & glad. Caretakers change from time to time. This creates inconvenience at times, but I do realize that there is no alternative. Again, I am very much satisfied with their services. Many thanks. I wish my wife gets better early.”

– Mr.A.G Tikalkar,Pune

Its one month since service of Phenixcare. Caretaker provided is efficient & knows his job well & ready to learn new things. During caretaker taking a day’s leave alternate caretaker was provided. Patient Mr. Govindgi’s health is improved in one month. Doctor’s advice on food for patient is good input & will implement the same. We have recommended service of Phenixcare to our friends & relatives.

– Mr.Pradeep Ved,Pune