Toddler Care

Providing best toddler care!

With the advent of the trend of nuclear families, working professionals often find it difficult to take care of their toddler or child and thus finding a trustworthy service provider who will take care of their kid in their absence has also become a difficult task. If you are a working parent, or you have twins, triplets it will be difficult for you to handle the situation. To help you, Phenixcare has come up with a Toddler Care program which takes care of kids from 2 years to 12 years of age. Our babysitter and caregivers are trained to handle kids and toddlers with utmost patience and resilience. A kid requires a healthy and a positive environment for growing up, and it is a matter of concern for the working parents to provide the same in their absence. Phenixcare ensure that your absence doesn’t come in the way of your child’s mental and physical growth.

Following are the services provided under this program:

1. Taking care of the toddler in absence of parents.
2. Helping the school going kids with their homework and post-school tasks.
3. Monitoring the nutrient intake of the kids.
4. Playing games with the kids which is intellectually and emotionally engaging.
5. Maintaining a positive yet healthy environment in the absence of parents.
6. Reading them stories, nursery rhymes and any sort of pre-educational engagement.