Vision Mission And Values

Phenixcare offers a paradigm shift in care giving; WE plan to make it a better experience for you and your families!

Motivated and compassionate caregivers, ably aided by innovative technology helps Phenixcare redefine care giving; the effort is to improve every life that we touch upon!
The phenomenon of aging population, along with the new born ratio, is becoming a major concern for health policy makers in India. For a developing country like India this increase in the elderly and young population poses a mounting pressure on various socio economic fronts; especially health care. Although, across the country these ‘bureaus” offer support the aging family members and well as to young kids, their number is just not enough. Moreover, these agencies are not well-organized, and pretty much work in isolation.

Phenixcare was basically established to improve the welfare and health care services to the elderly, and your young ones. We want to become a reference point for the society; people in India, in developing quality systems especially in child and elderly care that benefits everyone. Our ethical guidelines emphasize on quality of the service we provide, and the peace of mind that we offer to our customers. And, everyone at Phenixcare is involved – our caregivers, managers and the senior management.

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality of Healthcare to clients and improving the quality of life of our caregivers

Our Mission

To provide quality healthcare services with the belief that all individuals have the right to considerate service at all times with recognition of their personal dignity.

Our Values


The only way to offer solace to those who are suffering is to show them compassion and love; only that will improve their lives…


Our commitment offers your loved ones a good life everyday…we realize that without it, we cannot have a lasting relationship…


Innovations in technology put our compassion and commitment together, giving a new dimension to the way we take your care…